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New Brunswick Scientific Bioflo III Batch Continuous Fermentor Bioreactor (236267)

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New Brunswick Scientific Bioflo III Batch Continuous Fermentor Bioreactor (236267)

Bioflo III is a versatile bioreactor that provides a fully equipped state of the art fermentation system in one compact package. Bioflo III can be employed for batch or continuous culture with microprocessor control of pH, DO, agitation, temperature, nutrient feed, and electronic foam control.

– vessel 5 liters
– Motor

New Brunswick BioFlow IV Fermentor(305512)

One (1) New Brunswick Scientific Bioflo IV 20L Bioreactor/Fermentor
This unit has - 20L total volume - PC-ready microprocessor-controlled fermentor Built-in computer capable of remote control, data logging & process programming - 4 built-in pumps programmable for acid, base, antifoam & nutrient - In-place sterilization using house steam or electric heaters - Microprocessor controls with step-through menu to set 9 process loops, as well as sterilization cycle, and calibration of probes & pumps - Capable of controlling up to 13 process control parameters: D.O.,pH, temperature, agitation, auto sterilization, level, nutrient feed, foam and high foam control, air flow and others - Dimensions: 30 x 31 x 38 inches - Weight estimate: 300lbs

– vessel

– Motor


Sold as Is, was working before the core shutdown

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UTMBSurplus (The University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston, Texas)
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