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Assorted Lab

Lot #: L31130
Item Id: 171635

Time Left: Listing Is Over
Item Description
Assorted Lab

Includes: (1) Surgicot Track Heat Sealer 3

(1) ASSI ASE-14 Instrument Demagnetizer

(1) Schares / Carl Zeiss Xenon Power Supply

(1) Vibrotome VB900R Bath Refrigeration System

(1) Ferrroesant Power Supply Model Minimite

(1) Orion 710A PH/ISE Meter

(1) Orion 520A PH/ISE Meter (1) Labsonic Ultrasonic Processor Model 1

(1) Ferroresonant Power Supply

(2) Hoefer Scientific Instruments PS500XT DC Power Supplies

(1) Hoefer PS250/2.5 Amp Electrophoresis Power Supply

(1) VWR Digtal Heatblock

(1) IBI CPS 500 Compact Power Supply
Offered By

MDAnderson (The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX)

Seller Address: 3000 Pawnee Street
Houston, Texas
United States

Member since: 3/24/2006


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