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(1) GE 2275938-7 AMX4+ Portable X-Ray Machine (x)

Lot #: SWL44308
Item Id: 143426

Time Left: 16d 4h 48m
Item Description
(1) GE 2275938-7 AMX4+ Portable X-Ray Machine

The sale of this item is subject to TDSHS regulations. ** Texas residents must possess a Medical Device Salvage Broker or Salvage Establishment License as issued by the Texas Department of State Health Services Bureau of Food & Drug Safety in order to purchase this item. Notice To Medical Device Purchasers Outside of Texas: This medical device may require reconditioning. Purchasers acknowledge that they are authorized to perform such reconditioning prior to resale or distribution under laws applicable to the state in which they are located. **.
Offered By

THRWarehouse (Texas Health Resources Warehouse)

Seller Address: 550 North Beach StreetFort Worth, Texas
United States

Member since: 3/3/2011


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