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Assorted Electronics

Lot #: L42846
Item Id: 139894

Time Left: Listing Is Over
Item Description
Assorted Electronics


Assorted Desktop Calculators

Assorted Speakers

(1) WMF Coffee Maker

Assorted Pocket PC's

(1) Shredder

(1) Plantronics Heads

3M Projectors

(8) Shure UC Unit

(1) Bravo II Premier Disk Publisher

(1) Yamaha 01V Mixing Console

Assorted DVD And VCR

(1) Denon DRW-585

(2) Taascam DRW-585 Tascam 202MKV

(3) AMX Corp. Access Control Systems

(2) Marantz CDR510 CD Recorder/Player

(2) Tascam 322 Cassette Players

(1) Extron System 7SC + (3) ClearConverge Clear 1 12V

Assorted Dell Speakers, Stereo, Assorted Disk Drives And etc.

(1) JBL 15SYSG2-01789

Offered By

UTSWEDU (The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center-Dallas)

Seller Address: 4600 Harry Hines
Dallas, Texas
United States

Member since: 3/24/2006


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