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Assorted Lab

Lot #: L42844
Item Id: 139892

Time Left: Listing Is Over
Item Description

Assorted Lab
Precision Watr Baths
(1) Jouan CR3I Centrifuge
(1) Compressed Air Dryer
(1) Life Technologies 4001 Power Supply
(1) Mettler AE200 Lab Scale
(1) Bio-Rad DNA Engine
(1) Lab-Line Orbital Shaker
(1) Fisher Biotech FB900-90 Power Supply
(1) MaxQ Mini 4450 Shaker
(1) Sorval Legend RT Centrifuge
(1) ConnectRate Vacusafe
(1) Amersham Pharmica Biotech Ettan DALT II System
(1) Jouan MR1812 Centrifuge
(1) Beckman Culture Cytomics SC500
(1) Thermo Scientific Precision GP10
(1) Biotech Instruments EL800 Universal Microplate Reading
(1) Biotech ELX405 Microtome

Offered By

UTSWEDU (The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center-Dallas)

Seller Address: 4600 Harry Hines
Dallas, Texas
United States

Member since: 3/24/2006


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